Another year has gone by

17 years it's been, since the day we said i do
and still my darling, i'm in love with you
we're stronger today, then when we first began
and i'm proud to tell the world, your still my man.

another year has gone by, but yet it still feels so new
i'll never grow tired of loving you.
it's still hard to believe, that you are mine
our love will last thru the end of time

i know our life hasn't always been fun
but we've been blessed by god, with a beautiful son
and my two daughters thinks of you as dad
my world seems so perfect and that makes me glad.

another year has gone by, with you by my side,
i'll never regret becoming your bride.
when God calls me home to heaven above,
i'll leave this old world knowing that i was loved.

to my wonderful husband
happy 17th anniversary honey