Hiding Old Memories


Day after day and year after year
The memories come back, bringing the tears.
Of the life that I tried, for such a long time,
To successfully erase, from out of my mine.
But no matter how hard, or how long that I tried,
The memories came back that I hoped had died..


I thought if I placed them high on a shelf,
No one would find them, not even my self.
But all of a sudden and for no reason at all,
Off of the shelf those memories would fall.
And come crashing back into my head,
Making me feel that old heartache and dread.


I thought that the day that he left this earth
I could just start over, just like a new birth.
That I could finally be happy and try to have fun
Never having to think about what he had done.
But he stole my innocence, he stole my youth
It makes me ashamed to admit the truth.


Never once to anyone had I ever said,
Those horrid things that he did in my bed.
I tried so hard to erase them everyone
So I wouldn't remember the things that he'd done.
But here I am a grown woman of 53
And these horrid memories won't let me be.

I just want to live the rest of my years
Without all the memories, that brings me to tears.
So I'm not going to place them on the shelf anymore
Instead I'm going to bury them under the floor.
So all of those memories, so horrid and bad,
Can never, ever make me feel sad.



by Gloria Collins