Although my hands are very small and I'm not very big,
I fold my hand and thank god, for all the things to me he gives.

I really love to say my prayers each and every day,
I say them every time I eat, and at night time I kneel and pray.

I say, dear Jesus are you listening, please watch over me tonight,
 sometimes I get a little scared, when mommy turns out the lights.

But mommy says you send your angels, to guard me while I sleep,
But if you could be there too, then that would be really neat.

mama says I should not complain some other kids don't even have a bed,
And that they are really poor and have no pillows for their head.

so maybe you should watch over them dear Jesus, I guess instead of me.
so I'll just say goodnight for now dear Jesus and let you be .

so please take care of all of those little kids,those who have no bed
And just send me down some of your angels, to watch over me instead.


written for my son lane
who loves Jesus
and saying his prayers

By Gloria Collins