Step up Non- Believer's

Jesus is coming someday, for to claim his bride,
And if you are a true believer, you will join him at his side.
Non- believer's here's a warning ,repent before it's to late,
For only true believers, will enter into those pearly gates.

So step up non-believer's, for the time is getting late,
For once the rapture start's, for no man will it wait.
So step up non-believer's, become part of his bride,
I promise you won't want to miss it ,oh what a heavenly ride.

when Jesus comes to get us and take us home with him,
That's the reason that he gave his life, for everybody's sins.
The sky will burst right open and Jesus we will see,
Surrounded by his angels, he'll come to get us, you and me..

So step up non- believer's, for the time is drawing near,
In the twinkling of an eye, the time could soon be here.
For once the rapture starts, for no man will it wait,
So give your life to Jesus, before it is too late.

Written by
Gloria Collins
Jan. 2008