The Dark Side

She was young and so in love ,she thought he was her prince,
5 month's later they said I do and nothing has been the same since.

At first she thought it was so sweet that he wanted to be always by her side,
She was just so in love and happy just to be his bride.

But her prince he had a dark side , one no one had ever seen,
And soon to his sweet young bride this prince became so mean.

He kept her away from family and friends ,and he told her so many lies,
And then one night in a fit of rage, he made his young bride cry.

He began to abuse her and she was afraid of him.
So no mater what he did to her she would always give in.

He told her she was worthless, and no one else for her would care,
He filled her head with lies that's how he kept her there.

He'd say that he was sorry and he promised he'd be good
And he would never again hit her ,if she just did what she should.

But no matter how hard she tried ,it never was good enough for him,
And once again the dark side would come out in him again.

She stayed so bruised and defeated she didn't know what to do,
She was so young and in love and didn't have a clue.

she thought this was normal ,it must be something that she'd done,
And so goes the circle of abuse and on and on it runs.

written by
Gloria Collins
June 28th 2005


abuse is a real problem in our world even today
so no matter if you are man, woman or child
please let someone know, there is help out there