the hatred in this world today, it chills me to the bone,
why can't we except one another, or leave each other alone.
how can we kill another person, because the color of his skin?
or make fun of a cripple, because of the shape that they are in.
these are things that happen each and everyday.
I feel sorry for this world, it's truly gone astray,
we curse at our creator, and even deny his existing.
although his presence's is all around, nobody's even listening.
they want to blame him for the mess, they have made of their life,
when if they would just trust in him, they wouldn't have so much strife.
people please, just stop the hatred and love your fellow man.
give your heart to Jesus and do it while you can.
for the way this world is going, just proves the end is near.
a world that was made from love, is now full of hatred and of fear.
it saddens me to think, of all of those who will be left behind.
when Jesus comes to claim his bride, how many will he find
one race blames the other, when really we are all one.
we are all the children, of god's one and only son

written by
Gloria Collins