A Little Talk With God

Hi God ,are you still there? I feel so alone
please God, won't you come get me and take me home.
he took my face in his hand and said, don't cry my child I understand,
I know you are hurting ,and you're tired of the fight, but for you I have a plan.

for you see this old world, it is troubled and in great need,
it's people have forgotten me and my word they don't heed.
I need someone like you, to help reach them and to spread my word,
so I send you my word and you write it in poems, so it can be heard.

but Lord does anybody listen to the words you send to me,
how can I make them understand lord, how can I make them see.
that you are oh so worthy, you're a king that should be praised,
how they cannot understand that Lord, leaves me so amazed.

God I know you're there and I'll make you proud of me,
I spread your word my Lord, I''ll try to make them see.
that without you in their hearts, this world is a lonely place,
then one day my Lord, I can look upon your face.

and when that day does come, I know that I will hear you say.
well done my child, now with me you can stay.

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins