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I was a Nancy Drew buff in the 60's
so I wrote my own Nancy Drew type story
hope you like it

School was out for the summer and life for the Taylor kids was very boring.
jean and Jim Taylor were 13 year old twins
and very active teens, who loved to explore things,
both of them were very fond of mystery's and trying to solving them.
they were well know for causing quite a stir in town now and then.
you would have thought they were Nancy drew and one of the hardy boys,
the way they acted sometimes,

one morning, as they sat outside in the shade of the old oak tree.
jean said," Jim let's go exploring maybe we can find some treasure."
Jim said ,"yeah maybe," and then they both laughed,
Jim said, "come on lets go ask mom if its alright if we go."
they ran inside to where Mrs. Taylor was doing laundry
they both called out "mom"," mom" as they ran over to her.
"yes" ,she said," what's up? you two look excited."
"we wanted to know if we could go exploring we're bored", said jean.
"please mom, pleaseeeeeee," they both chimed in at the same time.
Mrs. Taylor laughed ,"how can I say no to that," she said with a grin.
"I guess it will be ok ,just be careful and don't get into any trouble,
and be home before dark"," we will", they both said and off they went.

as they were walking jean said," hey Jim remember the old Jenkins
place over on west shore drive it burned down last week lets go over there."
"yeah" said Jim, "maybe we will find buried treasure over there,"
"yeah" laughed jean," then we could be rich", then they both laughed.
a few minutes later they arrived at the Jenkins place.
"wow" said Jim, "that must of been quite a fire, there really isn't much left is there."
then they spent the next couple of hours digging thru the ashes and wood.
hoping they would find something worth finding.

all of a sudden jean let out a yelp," Jim look hurry come see this".
Jim rushed over to where jean was digging
she was sitting down with a box of some sort in her lap.
Jim sat down next to her and said ,"what is it jean?"
jean said," I am not sure Jim it has a lock on it."
as she wiped the ashes and soot off it she said "look Jim isn't it a beautiful box"
"it sure is" said Jim, "the box is so nice that it must have something more beautiful inside it".
but what Jim and jean was unaware of is while they were so excited about their treasure find
they hadn't seen the man that was hiding behind the trees watching them.
Jim said "well its getting late jean so lets take our treasure home before it gets dark
we can find something there to open it with", "ok said jean".
so they left but unknown to them the stranger was right behind them

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