Columbia's Eternal Flight



The news came on, it made me cry.
To see the shuttle in the sky.
They say it's gone, it's hard to believe.
For the families, my heart grieves.

How do you tell the children what's happened today?
That mommy and daddy are gone away?
Just when our nation was trying to heal
From  9 - 11 now more pain we do feel.

So we must turn to Jesus, don't turn your back on Him.
For when you're lost and lonely, on Him you can depend.
Some people lose faith when trouble comes to call.
They want to curse at Him and blame Him for it all.

But He never promised sunshine each and every day,
He told us there would be heartache and pain along the way.
For every smile He gives us, the devil makes us frown.
But if you keep your faith in Jesus, the devil loses ground.

So fear not that these seven astronauts have taken their last flight.
For their souls are now in Heaven, like stars they'll light the night.

In memory of the flight crew of Columbia.
Gone but never forgotten. May their eternal 
flames light our way forever.

  by Gloria J. Collins