I went to see my grandpa one summer day
I said please grandpa can you come play
he said I can't now my little one because you see
my watermelon patch is in need of me.
it's time to pick them each and everyone.
if you'd like to help me, we can play when we're done.

so out into the watermelon patch we all did go
me and grandpa and my big brother bo.
we loaded them into the back of grandpa's truck
he'll take them to town tomorrow when the sun comes up
we got through a few hours before the sun went down
 we played ball with grandpa and  the dog chased us around

we called mama up and she said we could stay
and help grandpa unload the watermelons the next day.
then grandma said it's off to bed you go, my little ones
if you plan on getting up with the morning sun.
so I knelt down beside the bed to pray
and i thanked  the lord for such a wonderful day.

by Gloria Collins