I was made to love 

Such tiny little fingers and tiny little toes
Yet their pain goes unnoticed more then anybody knows.

They have no voice in which to speak and say please don't hit on me
I'm just a little baby, please doesn't anybody see

I need to feel your love won't you hold me in your lap
Not toss me across the room like an old potato sack.

I am just way to little to know I've done any wrong
Won't you sit and rock me and sing me a little song.

I can give you love ,and give it unconditionally
Please won't you hug me instead of hitting me.

I don't want to be a baby that someone throws away
I want to be with you forever won't you love me today.

Child abuse is becoming worse every day
God created babies just like everyone else
To be loved and cherished not to be beaten 
And killed ,or thrown in the trash like garbage
We must put an end to it, these babies are our

These sweet babies are by
Renaissance Reborn's
Who have graciously allowed
Me to use them, please stop by
Her site and see more of her babies

By Gloria Collins