Keep On The Sunny Side

June Carter was a down home kind of girl.
She met Johnny Cash and he became her world.
They sang together on the Grand Ole Opry.
Together in love they just wanted to be.

This man in black she idolized.
She thought he was kind, handsome and wise.
He thought she was the sweetest by far.
And often sang to her and played his guitar.


She knew she was walking on the sunny side.
From the day that Johnny asked her to be his bride.
She knew her wait was over and he was the one.
They married in 1968 and in 1970 she gave him a son.

June passed away, she was the love of Johnny's life.
Johnny he couldn't make it without his beautiful wife.
Four months later the great man in black,
Took one last look at this world and didn't turn back.


He has gone to heaven to join his wife.
I know they are walking on the sunny side of life.
Still playing his music, he's as happy as can be.
And June is singing, while sitting on his knee.

In memory of Valerie "June" Carter Cash
1929 - 2003

The man in black - Johnny Cash
1932 - 2003

Together Again, For Eternity.

by Gloria Collins  9/15/03