Never A Person, Only A Name

Drawing by Jean Keaton
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Fifty years and nothing has changed,
Never a person, only a name.
The years they come and they're always the same.
Never a person, only a name.

The times I can remember, 
Only bring pain.
Because I've never been a person,
Only a name.

My life's not real, it's only a dream,
I want to wake, I want to scream.
I cry to God, Please tell me why,
You left me here to live this life.

He said, I promise my child, you're not just a name.
You are somebody's daughter, you are somebody's wife.
You have two children to whom you gave life.

With pen in hand you spread my word.
I sent it to you, and you made it heard.
So my child worry not you're a person who'll not be forgot
And in the Book Of Life, a name means a lot!

John 10:3   And He calleth His own sheep by name........

Sometimes we all feel sorry for ourselves and don't
 remember that life itself is a gift from God
He never said there would always be rainbows, 
sometimes a little rain must fall.

By Gloria Collins  6/5/03