Rescue Island


We were  headed for the island to have a little fun.
To find some shells in the sand and soak up a little sun.
We dropped anchor right off shore,
But the boat started drifting, we should of dropped more.

But we were all overboard and so we started to swim,
But Lydia was still on the island where it all begin.
Then something happened and it became a terrible mess,
We couldn't get back on board, now we were all in distress.

Ray and I tried to help Mary climb over the boat side,
We were all getting tired the more that we tried.
Then finally it happened, Mary had gotten in,
But Ray and I were tired and could no longer swim.

We tried and we tried and then I was finally in,
But Ray was still overboard and getting too tired to swim.
I looked back to the island but it was getting hard to see,
Then Lydia sent a boat out to rescue Mary, Ray and me.

Now we're all back on the boat and headed for shore,
The day had been a lot of fun, but I didn't like it any more.
Next weekend we'll head out to the island once again,
But this time we'll make sure that the boat is safely anchored in.

By Gloria Collins