Some Say God


sang to the tune of the rose
by Bette midler

some say God, he isn't real, 
don't believe what you can't see.
say say God he never was ,
he's just a story ,make believe
some say God, he was a man, 
that someone wrote about
I say God, he is my savior 
and of that I have no doubt

he's the one ,the mighty savior, 
he will never let you down
he's the king, that reigns forever, 
he will always be around.
he's the lord of all lords, 
the truth, the light, the way.
and he loves all of his children 
and tries to show them everyday.

and when the road it seems so lonely
and you think you can't go on
and you think his love is only
for the lucky and the strong
just remember God the father
who gave his only son,
get on your knees and pray to him,
cause you have to walk before you can run/

lyrics written
by Gloria Collins