The Pain Inside

What does she do with the pain, that's hidden deep inside,
What does she do with the little girl deep within that died.
She hid her pain away for so many long, long years,
Now the shame and disgrace fills her heart with tears.


He said no one will believe you go ahead and tell,
They will call you a liar and you'll end up going to hell.
She was so scared ,she was only four years old,
He was an adult ,and you do what you are told.


He lied to abuse her and he lied so very well,
She was terrified of what he said ,so she could never tell.
At night she could hear his breathing as he entered in her room,
She closed her eyes real tight and prayed, just let the end come soon.

Now for fifty long years this dirty secret she has kept,
And the pain deep down inside her is something she can't forget.
So now she writes about it hoping someone else will be saved,
And she'll keep writing about till the day she goes to her grave.

by Gloria Collins              HOME