The Holy Spirit 
Is With Us 


I went to a little church today for the very first time.
The preacher started preaching, it was a sermon so divine.
He touched on several topics, then said lets all bow our heads.
As I sat there silently praying and listening to all he said.

I felt a presence around me and saw a shining light.
As my eyes lifted upwards, I saw a radiant dove so white.
The light was gone as soon as I opened my eyes.
But the sight of that radiant dove made me realize.

That God was all around us and always is so near.
The love I felt that moment, I'll always hold so dear.
Then Pastor Mark, the sermon closed and said it's time to eat.
But I'll never forget the love I felt while sitting on that seat.

Pastor Mark Fivecoate

Written after attending Agape Outreach Center
With Pastor Mark Fivecoate and his wife Chastity
by Gloria Collins  11/16/03