These little warrior's

they are the warrior's though tiny by far
who won't let cancer, change who they are
to battle this demon, they'll go that extra mile,
with giggles and laughter and great big smiles.

 yes these are the warrior's, so brave and so true,
to have one more day, with me and with you.
they are more wise then the years, that they'll never be.
they know words like remission and chemo, needle's and iv's.

 this cancer it comes , like a thief in the night,
but these little warriors are ready to fight.
some go to battle and sometimes they don't win,
the pain for them is over but our's just begins.

these little warriors need a drug that will end,
this war they've been fighting ,this cancer within.
they need to be able to be children again ,
to laugh and to play with their family and friends.

 not lie in a hospital with tubes up their nose,
that's not how the story of these warriors goes.
how can this country have such knowledge on war,
yet we can't end the one, that their fighting for.

  By Gloria Collins