once upon a time there was a little dog named Tiki.
she was a tiny dog with great big ears.
it was because of her ears
that she had earned the name Tiki,
it was short for Tiki Bird
because her ears were so long,
she looked like she could fly.

all the dogs in the neighborhood
would laugh at her.
they thought her ears were the
funniest thing they had ever seen.
and they were always making fun of her.

Rebel the Doberman would laugh and call her dumbo.
Niki the German Shepard would make nasty remarks ,
like ,aren't you afraid you'll step on your ears.
even Tiki's big brother Buddy, would hurt her feelings,
by saying, mama should have put you in the circus,
with the rest of the clowns.

poor Tiki would stay in her dog house and cry.
as she thought to herself, someday they will be
sorry they were ever so mean to me.
as time went on the others played only with
each other and never with Tiki.
when Tiki would ask to play they all laughed and said.
no your ears will just get in the way.
so Tiki just stayed all alone with no one to play with.

one day a new dog moved into the neighborhood,
he was a handsome husky named Puddles.
when he saw Tiki and her big ears,
he thought she was the most beautiful dog,
he had ever seen

when Puddles heard the others making fun of Tiki,
it made him so mad, I can't believe how rude you are, he said.
he told them, just because some one is different then you,
doesn't mean you should make fun of them.
he said Tiki could make fun of all of you,
because you are all different then her , in your own way.

he said Rebel, you're so big it makes you clumsy,
and that can be funny,
and Niki,you're feet are so big they look like flippers,
and that could be funny too.
and Buddy you're the funniest of all,
with that short hair you look like you need a wig.
so you see everyone is different in one way or another,
but that doesn't mean that you should hurt their feelings,
by making fun of them.

when puddles had finished talking,
the other dogs realized that they had been wrong,
about tiki, and they we're sorry for treating her so bad.
rebel spoke up and said, lets go get the biggest bone ,
we can find and take it to Tiki and tell here how sorry we are.
ok said Niki and Buddy so they did.

they brought the bone to Tiki's dog house ,
and each one took turns telling her how sorry they were.
Tiki thanked each of them ,and told them she was glad
to have them as friends.
after they all left she thanked Puddles for speaking up for her.
then she kissed his cheek and he blushed as she told him
he was the best of all her new friends.
then she invited him to share her bone with her

the end

this story was written and copyrighted by
gloria collins
written about my family pets
it shows that we are all different 
in this world and should not make
fun of each other because of our differences.