Who Will Save The Children?

Who will save our children, doesn't anybody care?
Who will save our children being murdered everywhere?
They say they found a body of a little girl last week,
Stolen from her home while she was fast asleep.

How can anyone cause a little child such pain?
How can someone be so cold and inhumane?
Who will save the children, lift your voices high.
Please help us save the children, don't let another die.

Children are a gift from God,  ore precious that any gold.
Please listen to their stories, don't let them go untold.
Speak to them with kindness, comfort them with love.
They are God's littlest angels sent from up above.

So who will save the children, won't you even try?
Without the help of someone, they will surely die.
Take a stand across this nation, let your voices ring.
We're here to save the children, so hear our voices sing.

And when we are ten thousand, we'll march across the land,
Singing we're here to save the children, we're here to take a stand!

And Jesus said, "Suffer not the little children that come unto me."

By Gloria Collins  8/26/02